Sunday, September 13, 2015

The problem is more than Brendan

I am sure every red right now is frustrated not just with the result last night but also the way Brendan dictated terms in the game. The press conference was equally annoying for all of us. I couldn't sleep for sometime after the game as I was thinking what is the actual problem. Is it Brendan Rodgers or something else?

Brendan is the man who has been playing our good players in wrong position. Be it Sterling, Can, Markovic, Gomez, Ings, Firmino etc etc... The list goes on. Also spending so much this season, depending on a hope of successful return of injury prone Sturridge, missing Henderson in spite of having a good set of midfielders, conceding goals with an unsettled centre back pair, not using Sakho and loaning out Ilori without trying him are some of the reasons why we can be realistic of finishing outside top four. Even if we get there will that mean an achievement? Will we ever win a league?

After so many thoughts, I couldn't still come to a conclusion that if Brendan is replaced with say Klopp or any other macho man, are our problems going to be solved???

Let's not blame the kiddo Sterling for leaving us. You can't expect everyone at Anfield to be a Dalglish or a Gerrard or a Carragher that they would give their blood all the time to the club at the cost of the lucrative offers.

Our owners have to be blamed a bit more I guess. Brendan always came in here as a long term project and he has been unsuccessful except the season when SAS fired us back to top two. Every English club has a problem with ownership here and there. Arsenal don't prefer paying huge wages and United owners are hated by their every fan. Chelsea and City have billionaires funding them. These owners either have money or special liking towards buying players and a strong understanding of the game, or even both. Liverpool owners lack both. They won't spend smartly huge (by smartly huge I mean say 40Mn for Mata or 300,000 salary to attract stars) and they don't understand English football dynamics. Look at how Chelsea brokered a deal for Costa. We could not even pressurise Barca to give Sanchez in return when we sold Suarez to them. I don't say our owners are misers but they spend too much in panic (Carroll, Balotelli, Benteke). Carroll all believes I am sure. Balotelli was a huge risk for 16 million. I still think Remy should have been bought. How can he fail a medical and clear it at the Bridge? Definitely something fishy. For Benteke, his last night goal was awesome. But 32 million for him will remain debatable unless he scores 25+ goals in the league by the end of this season. Also, the lack of English football understanding and more business oriented methodology is making our owners lose the battle since they started it. Definitely better than our previous owners but things need to be put to practice in an innovative approach and that too quicker.

We were linked with Ayew in the past but never got him, also Agger should have been kept not just for his loyalty but the way he has been strong at back. Still Brendan thought of buying a Saints defender by paying more than 20 million. Not a business to be used as a success story.

Considering that this season, Brendan has been given authority to choose his targets, he could have done better. Too early to judge our recruits. So let us not get into that. But, are the departments that wanted change or better recruits been answered? Losing Sterling? Ibe is good but would take 3-4 years to get there, lets be honest. Goalkeeping again Mignolet is inconsistent. Bodgan is average and can't be put between the sticks right away. Migno is not the one who can change the game for us, the way De Gea does for United. We could have tried Romero as a better back up. Definitely many were available in the market who were better than Bodgan. Clyne is better than Johnson as the right wing back. But what about left? Moreno needed competition. Enrique couldn't be sold. And Brendan is using Gomez on the left flank now. The kid is doing a great job but for big games we need experienced and proven players. We could see the way we gifted penalty to United yesterday. I have already mentioned about the centre back positions. Lucas is good as a defensive midfielder but not sure how long he will be fit this season. Can is definitely going to improve over a period of time but more of an attacking player. Strikers yes we have many. But using Ings as a winger is a sign that Brendan has got it all wrong.

I just hope all these issues are addressed quickly by Liverpool as a club. I do agree sacking Brendan is not the only solution. Our owners need to intervene more and demand some players they really want here. Also, they need to give an ultimatum to Brendan and remind him that long project is quantified enough to throw him out. Fingers crossed. The club needs to deliver now for its supporters. You will never walk alone!


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